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Waterproofing brands in the market

Waterproofing is better known as the process of making a structure resistant to ingress of water. An expert will use different types of waterproofing brands for different types of water leaking issue. Therefore, a few that are available are listed below.


Toilet and Bathroom system

Provide better water and vapor proof on surface compared to membrane. Thus, we apply most commonly in toilet waterproofing to decrease the dampness.

ID FloorShield

High quality flexible PU car park flooring coating system with slip, chemical and abrasion resistance. Hence, suitable for walkway, car park flooring and parking lots.


Sikaflex-521 UV

Multi purpose sealant based on PU hybrid compound which will help to reduce humidity and form a durable elastomer. Therefore, it goes along well with plastic, timber, paint and metal materials.

Sika Waterbars

The types of PVC waterstop to seal construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. Thus, it is mostly to keep water out at basements, underground car parks, tunnels and retaining walls.


Idrosilex Pronto

Osmotic cementitious mortar is highly suitable for areas in contact with drinking water and for sealing the concrete structures. Hence, it is most suitable for basements, lift-rooms, swimming pools and canals.

Mapeproof Swell

Hydro expansive, rubber based sealant that are applied using an extrusion pistol. It is favoured for renovating structures below ground level. 


Cementitious Crystallization Compound

This helps to waterproof the concrete through the crystallization process, where the chemical will form crystals inside the concrete to waterproof the cracks. Therefore, the product works best at wet areas, water tank and basement.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Solvent
It can either be applied by roller, brush or by spraying on the area. In addition, this system can be easily applied to any sort of corners, angles and non-uniform surfaces. Besides that, this can create a very good and flexible waterproof membrane after curing. Ultimately, it is suitable for roofing, internal area and external wall.


Epoxy sealant

Their epoxy sealant technology is truly an ideal tool for basement and water tank sealing. Therefore, use it in basement and water holding tank. 

Silyl modified polymer (SMP)

Their SMPs are completely acid-free and they are perfect for a wide range of waterproofing needs. Hence, apply these materials in domestic and commercial areas, surfaces, home and building.


Last but not least, do call us for your waterproofing needs. We are one of the best waterproofing specialists in KL, Selangor and Malaysia. Besides that, we have many experiences in using these brands. Thus, if you have any water leaking issue, call us to fix your problem.

Do check out our gallery for our past projects and experiences in several different residential and commercial waterproofing projects.

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