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Balcony Waterproofing

Similar with roof top, the balcony is often gullible to water leakage due to many factors. They are:

  • exposed to heat/ humidity, rain and dampness in the weather
  • due to the old age of the building
  • due to poor drainage where water clogs up and penetrate into the structure, causing deterioration.

Once the balcony suffers from leakage, it poses danger to the homeowner. This condition can cause damage to your tiles, walls and surface which indirectly causes damage to your home. A leaking balcony can damage your walls and ceilings. It can even result in homeowners spending a fortune in fixing the entire structure of the house.

For balcony waterproofing, we usually apply a membrane surface by filling in cracks and grout lines with cements. We will re-plaster or replace new tiles to seal the leaks. This seal is applied twice for extra protection without hacking, hence saving homeowners a lot of trouble.

Besides that, strengthening reinforcement is also used to level compounds and stabling the surface. These preventive measures carried out in balconies and terraces protect the membrane to avoid deterioration. It also helps homeowners to avoid removing old floors and tiles to fix the leaks – minimizing material wastage which indirectly saves cost and time.

It is wise to ensure that waterproofing is done on top of existing floors and structural strengthening, expansion joints are stabilized and cracks are filled. Surface must be dry and debris free to ensure a smoother application.

Our experienced waterproofing contractor specialist will be able to resolve any leakage issue. It is our responsibility to fix the issue and get it right the first time. Hence, we can provide a complete waterproofing solution – reinforced and strengthened for long term.

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