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Leak & Crack Repair

A roof leak is not something to be overlooked. It can cause severe damages such as molds, rotting frames and destroyed insulation over time. Roof leak that requires crack repair most commonly affect the ceiling directly below the roof slab. Sometimes, there may also be crack appearing on the walls of the house. This may cause water seepage through the walls.

Firstly, it is crucial to identify and find the exact source of leakage. Water stains will be the key to identify where they leak originate from. However, if there are no marks, you can perform ponding test before and after rectification work. This is where you flood the suspected water leaking area, to ensure that we have repaired the crack.

Waterproofing will solve water dripping immediately but it is not a permanent solution. One of the common causes of leakage is due to RCC (reinforced cement concrete) slabs that have weaken. Even the strongest roof have the possibility to leak due to external causes such as weather. 

How to Repair Crack and Roof Leakage

Before waterproofing your roof, ensure that the roof surface is cleaned of dirt or molds around it. Then, fill the cracks with roofing cements or mortar before applying a primer. Once it is dried, seal the cracks and damaged areas accordingly. Thereafter, apply a second coat after 24 hours have passed. It is important to ensure the two key issues such as angle fillet and rainwater outlet is addressed accordingly.

Therefore, it is very important to solve any leakage problem immediately. This is to avoid a higher rectification cost in future. Ensure that all plumbing system is intact and not restricting yourself to checking just the leakage area. Because sometimes the leak may not be visible on the surface. 

It is also important to hire a professional waterproofing specialist to assist you in this project. You will definitely need to rely on their skills, techniques and experience in helping ease your leakage problem.

You may also be interested in other brands of waterproofing materials in the market. Check out our gallery page for our past waterproofing project experience.

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