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Thermal Insulation Waterproofing

Thermal insulation waterproofing is one of the best way to enhance your roof top waterproofing. Reflective coating will help extend the life of the roof by reflecting heat transfer into the building. Therefore, it can reduce thermal expansion and roof contraction.  Besides that, this kind of waterproofing method also helps improve roof aesthetics. It is friendly and easy to use, as almost all kinds of roof can be coated with reflective coating. It helps save energy, because once heat is reflected, it helps reduce electric usage.

How to apply heat reflective coating

Before coating, always ensure that the roof is clean from dust and dry. This ensures the life span of your coated area will be longer, as it becomes the first layer of UV and waterproofing protection. During application, ensure that the condition is not damp and it has not rained for at least ONE day. However, in some colder weather, certain coatings can be applied but it is essential that the weather is not damp or wet. Last but not least, humidity helps the coating dry easier and faster. This is much better than using bituminous membrane, as the weather may cause the roof top to crack. Thus, it may need frequent roof leak and crack repair for roof top.

Once done right, the coating can typically extend the life span up to ten years or more. Therefore, performance may vary depending on the type of coating and conditions of your building. Hence, coating manufacturers sometimes offer different types of warranties. As the coating wears away, we can apply additional coating to increase performance and sustainability.


It is crucial that you engage a waterproofing specialist to apply the thermal insulation waterproofing. This is to avoid further leakage or ineffective insulation. The rectification cost may far exceed the cost of engaging a waterproofing specialist, hence do it right the first time. The reflective coating can only help to seal pinhole leaks. However, it is still advisable to find the leak source and to avoid a wrong leak diagnosis.

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