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Toilet Waterproofing

Toilet leaks are among the most common leakage problems at home. Leaks in toilets are often found in the water outlet area, or by the side of the toilet or bathroom. Some problems might also affect the walls of the bathroom. It may cause water seepage on the walls, which might lead to molding and wet patches on the wall. Usually for toilet waterproofing, there are 2 ways of rectification. Either by way of hacking and apply waterproof, or non-hacking waterproofing.

Hack and install waterproofing

The best method of waterproofing is always to hack the existing flooring, and apply appropriate waterproofing solutions, before redoing the flooring. This also applies to toilet or bathroom, where due to the high water usage, it is more susceptible to waterproofing issue.

Once the hacking and disposal of debris are completed, we are ready to apply waterproofing solutions. It is critical for us to ensure that the toilet and bathroom floor is absolutely dry before we apply the waterproofing solution. And it is important for us to ensure the angle fillet and water outlet are properly waterproofed. This is similar to balcony and roof top waterproofing. Else, the problem may recur.

Surface Treatment (Non-hacking waterproofing)

We performed surface treatment on toilet waterproofing by adding a layer of liquid as a membrane on the tiles. Our product is called SEALPOV, one of the innovative waterproofing product that are pre-mix, breathable, and water repellent. This method is suitable for temporary fix, and not permanent fix. 

This is because the surface treatment waterproofing will wear off over time. In addition, we have not rectified the underlying crack on the floor. If there are any water seeping into the crack, it will definitely lead to water leaking.

We have to make sure that the surface of where we want to apply waterproof is clean and dry. Most people who try to do it themselves, will often face the water leaking problem recurring. Thus, it is wiser to seek for professional services from the right waterproofing specialist to resolve any leakage issue.You’d rather fix it right the first time than having to spend more time and money the second time. Hence, do contact us as we can provide you with a comprehensive waterproofing solution. We can diagnose the water leaking root cause and ensure that a proper waterproofing system in your home.

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