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Commercial Waterproofing

One of the most important building protection includes residential and commercial waterproofing. These includes buildings, commercial towers, SOHO, offices, shop lot, shopping complex, hotel as well as hospital. In order to prolonged the life tenure of the building, we need to adopt proper waterproofing method and regular maintenance. 

For example the most common issue is in ensuring rainwater outlet are not blocked, or angle fillet is waterproofed. Ultimately, we perform waterproofing to ensure there are no water leakage into the building. Any water leakage may cause an unpleasant offices, furniture and fixtures being destroyed as well as potential safety hazard.

We usually apply commercial waterproofing at buildings that operates business. More often than not, we apply comprehensive waterproofing for indoor as well as outdoor of the building. Thus, it helps to prevent unwanted moisture from wall seepage or crack, which ultimately result in the mold growing. 

Water leakage can weaken certain structure of the building. Hence, we should always fix the roof leakage and crack repair before applying waterproof. This is to ensure a safe and pleasant workplace. A damaged structure can pose serious threat to the people who work or live there.

Besides that, the rust formed in the concrete cracks may weaken the structure of the building. Structural repair may be required for the building, if there is corrosion to the concrete structure of the building.

Therefore, it is very important to always consult the waterproofing specialists, and cure the problem while it is still small. However if you wait till the problem worsens, it may affect the people living or working in the area. Eventually, it may cause disruption to the operation. Last but not least, it will incur additional rectification or repair costs.

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