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Rooftop Waterproofing

A roof is the most important aspect of our home or buildings as it is the primary protection. However, concrete tend to weaken in tension or due to temperature changes. In addition, poor installation of roof during construction, broken roof tiles and clogged gutters may leak to water leaking. Therefore, rooftop waterproofing is very important to protect the rooftop from water leaking.

Steps to fix your roof top waterproofing

  • First, find the cause of the water leak, whether it is due to plumbing or air-conditioning. 
  • Secondly, locate the source of leak before attempting to fix the leaking area. 
  • Next, make sure that the area is debris and dust free and dry.
  • Then, a layer of membrane coating is used to seal any holes or gaps in the roof. 
  • In addition, minor repairs can also be done with silicon caulk (a roofing type of masking tape) to seal the gaps. 

We can use flexible cementitious, liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous coating and plastering to fix the roof top. It is the simplest, easiest and most affordable method in applying roof top waterproofing.


Usually for flat roof with slabs, the crucial issues relate to angle fillet and rainwater outlet. If you have covered this two area, the rest of the roof top waterproofing should be quite straight forward. Angle fillet in rooftop means ensuring that the angle between the roof slab and flooring on the roof are properly waterproofed. Whilst rainwater outlet are susceptible to water leaking because the outlet area is not waterproof correctly.

Hence, it is wise to seek for professional services from waterproofing specialist with experience to resolve any leakage issue. It is important to fix the issue right the first time rather than doing it the second time. Hence, do contact us as we can provide you with a waterproofing solution. Let us diagnose the cause of the water leak and proposed the right waterproofing system.

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