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Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing involves techniques to protect water leaking into the basement. As they are below ground level, they are prone to hydrostatic pressures and water accumulation in basement. Concrete that is not waterproofed allows water to seep through the pores. Hence, concrete waterproofing is very important during initial construction.  

Waterproofing can be done during initial construction. For existing building, if there is water leakage to the basement, we will need to perform major rectification work. This is to ensure that water leakage does not recur. 

The common indication of water leakage in basement includes:

  • Firstly, molding caused by basement wall seepage
  • Secondly, leakage due to cracks on the basement ceilings
  • Then, water stains from corners of the ceiling
  • Finally, water dripping from basement ceilingIn Malaysia, the basement waterproofing problem usually affects basement car parks in office towers, apartments, condo and shopping complex. Unlike normal residential water leakage which affects roof top and balcony waterproofing, Malaysian homes seldom have basement.

For water leaking issues relating to basement, it usually originated from the ceiling above. Hence it is also important to check what is the root cause from the above floors. Only then would we be able to fix the waterproofing in basement. 

There are temporary fix as well as long term fix for basement waterproofing. Temporary fixes are surface treatments such as sealants, hydraulic cements and rubber coatings. Long term fix might include hacking the floor above the basement, and performing full scope waterproofing system. 

Therefore, always seek for professional advice related to water leaking problems. As waterproofing specialist, we can help you rectify and resolve these issues.

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