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Occasionally a structural fault might be caused by flaw in the architecture design. Or it could be due to the method of construction or labour’s quality of work. Materials such as concrete or steel can also be faulty. Here we will look at some of the most common structural issues that are happening in construction of a building.

Cracked Walls – Normally some small surface cracks can appear in the plaster or dry lining o particular house. This may cause water seepage issues through the cracked walls.

Bulging or Collapsed Walls – This is usually caused by a failure in the cavity wall ties. The ties play an important part in strengthening and providing some stability to the wall. Hence, this would help in the process of preventing bulging or cracking.

Cracked Lintels, Bowed roof – Leaks usually occur if weight is not being distributed correctly. You might also catch signs such as cracked lintels over windows and doorways. In addition, it could be a bow in the roof. This causes roof top leaks and crack repair is needed at the minimum, if not fixing the structural repair.

How They Cause Water Leaking Issue

More cause for concern are cracks in the wall for the first problem that run at a horizontal angle or those that run at a jagged 45-degree angle. This type of movement could indicate that there is a more serious issue such as water ingress, corroded cavity wall ties or movement in the foundations that can slowly happen.

However the major cause for the second problem is because of some cavity ties, especially earlier designs that are made from mild steel, they can easily corrode and later will cause the structural movement of the particular building.

The main cause for third problem occurence is continual dampness that leads to wet or dry rot. When this happens, it would cost a lot to replace the current timber or to install steel plates or side-splice.

How To Perform Structural Strengthening, Engineering, And Rectification Repair Work

For problem #1, it is best to contact a structural professional for advice. The usual repair solution is crack stitching. It is a process where reinforced steel rods are being placed across the divide in the wall. Then, it is chemically bonded to tie the structure of the wall.

Whilst for problem #2, we would need to replace the corroded cavity wall ties. Modern technology such as metal detectors, low impact drills and a new tie design  would be able to help with this work. Most importantly, the work can be carried out without having to experience major disruption to the home.

Problem #3 – The problem can be resolved by removing the entire timbers or undertaking repairs. This is because splices in structural timbers requires a high level of exposure work. It includes taking down ceilings, pulling up floors and removing part of the roof.


However if we don’t resolve the water leaking issue, thus the problem will keep recurring and might incur more cost when the problem worsen. So engage with our professional waterproofing contractor in order to get rid of the problems regarding the structural repair. Keep your home safe and sound.

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