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Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete is highly porous although from the outlook it looks quite solid. Water vapour can make its way through the structure causing prolonged dampness which can lead to the cracks and leaks. Therefore, flexible cementitious waterproofing is one of the better method for concrete waterproofing. It allows the cement floor to expand without causing cracks on the floor and wall above the concrete. Crystalline is especially effective for concrete waterproofing. Reactive chemicals will fill the pores. This inherently prevents any water from penetrating the concrete. 

Types of Concrete Waterproofing Agent

The speed of absorption and pressure resistance are two factors to consider when waterproofing concrete floors. Basementsare particularly prone to leaks, so extra care should be taken to protect the floors.

Cementitious coatings are used as they are very user friendly. They are effective in resisting water ingress and tolerate heavy traffic flow. Using silicate or siliconates creates a denser and harder concrete surface. It forms a microscopic seal that will not wear off over time.

Silanes is another option for concrete waterproofing. It is made up of small molecules and offers deeper penetration into the concrete structure.  Therefore, this product is able to withstand abrasion and weathering. Once bonded, it creates a deep layer and it does not change the skid or slip resistance of the concrete. 

Ideally, it is most suited for driving surfaces such as roads, bridges and driveways. In the long run, it also prevents any water or contaminants from seeping into the concrete substrate and causing any corrosion or deterioration. 

Another waterproofing agent is siloxanes. It is less costly as compared to silanes. Due to its larger polymer size and low level of penetration, it is best use for treating brick, stucco and stone. Though it can be used individually, it is best applied if combined with silanes to maximise their potential.

It is very costly as well as time consuming to rectify these water leaking problems. Therefore fixing the issue onset is very important. Thus leave it to the best waterproofing specialist for your water leaking issues. We focus mainly on KL, Selangor and nearby Negeri Sembilan.

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