Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pool leaks are often expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes, it may requires removing the tile and adhesives. Therefore, in most swimming pool waterproofing project, we always use waterproofing and crack isolation membrane. However, if you are building a new swimming pool, it is best to consider using flexible cementitious waterproofing. Hence, you don’t just rely on waterproofing coating, but ensure the waterproofing is done on inside as well as outside layer of the swimming pool.

Concrete waterproofing are not sufficient to ensure a full protection against water leakage of the swimming pools. You might need a full waterproofing system before you start putting the swimming pool in service.
Waterproofing system should always be applied with pools, fountains, water tanks, or drainpipes especially during the construction period in order for you to prevent the loss of water. The walls and the ground of the swimming pool are the subject to constant water pressure.
It is important for the pool to have a permanent waterproofing for safety purpose. At least it helps to protect further damage to the pool that will endanger the users. A more serious problem may even cause structural engineering damage. We may need to perform structural repair in order to repair the pool.

Waterproofing is done during construction in order to prevent swimming pool wall seepage. Or during the rectification stage where water starts leaking from the swimming pool. 

Therefore, it is important for you to always consult with the right type of experienced waterproofing specialists. Sometimes, normal waterproofing contractor may not be familiar with swimming pool. 

Therefore, we should strive to cure the problem while it is still small. If the problem worsens, it might also affect the safety of the swimming pool. You may then need to incur extensive repair costs.

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