Rainwater Outlet Issues in Waterproofing

There are a few key issues in waterproofing that are very technical and not easy to resolve. Some of these issues are the Rainwater Outlet Issues and Angle Fillet. The biggest challenge is in fixing the joint and grouting at the rainwater outlet. Water will seeped through the outlet if we did not apply to waterproof correctly.

Rainwater outlet issues usually happen in balcony waterproofing and basement waterproofing. Not many contractors know how to rectify the problem. Hence, it is best to consult the right waterproofing specialist in such a crucial area.

How to check Rainwater Outlet

Firstly, the opening of the structure of the rainwater outlet is properly trimmed. Fix the outlet properly, to prevent leakages due to the thermal expansion of the rainwater pipe.

Besides that, the other common problem in the rainwater outlet is a blocked gutter. Water from the blocked gutter will overflow and seeped through the cracks at the water outlet. We can address this by installing leaf guards or drain cover. 

In addition, we will also need to check and maintain the cleanliness of the gutter to ensure it is not blocked. It may also cause water puddling, which will result in the water to leak down from overflowed gutter.

Therefore if you have any water leaking problem, do check if it is it due to plumbing or waterproofing issue. If water leaking is due to plumbing issues, always get the plumber to fix the root cause of the water leaking, before applying to waterproof. There are some tips on how to prevent water from leaking in your house.

We can help fix your waterproofing issue immediately. Our scope includes commercial and residential waterproofing such as rooftop and balcony waterproofing. We cover areas in KL, Selangor, and Malaysia.

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