Not many contractors have the expertise and skills in the waterproofing. It is an area which needs very specialize waterproofing contractor specialist. The problem of water leaking will surely recur, if the water leaking issue is not fixed and rectified properly. Therefore, we should install proper waterproofing to protect our house or building and prevent future problems from recurring.

WHO are we?

We are one of the best waterproofing specialists in Malaysia, focusing on Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Our business associates are located in other parts of Malaysia such as Johor and Terengganu. Besides that, we are a CIDB qualified waterproofing contractor, with more than 5 years experiences in this industry. Hence, we have helped solve many of our customers’ waterproofing needs.

WHAT do we do?

We cover many different types of waterproofing services such as flexible cementitious waterproofing, PU injection grout, thermal insulation, torch-on bituminous membrane, concrete waterproofing, roof leak and crack repairs.

Besides that, we have also executed beyond customer’s expectation in some of the normal waterproofing such as toilet, bathroom, balcony, basement, roof top, and wall seepage are our common services that. Last but not least, our experience covers bigger commercial projects as well as smaller residential projects, swimming pool and water tank waterproofing.

WHY us?

We are not just the normal contractors who fix the surface of the problem. But we are a specialist, who will go deep down to find out what is the underlying issue, and prescribe quality rectification work, that ensures the problem will not recur.


Therefore, if you have any problems with water leaking, or suspected waterproofing issues, do call us. It is definitely better to rectify the problem when it is small, as the problem may still be confined to a small space. And you may not need to incur so much cost to rectify the small problem. However, if you procrastinate, the small problem may become a big problem if the situation deteriorates. You would then need to spend more time, energy and money to fix the problem.

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